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Brunch Gets a Latin Touch

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This week our weekly brunch at Nomad Bar will feature a Spanish Classic, a Chilean staple and a waffle also inspired by a classic South American sweet. We will serve a mixed Paella with chicken, sausage and seafood. We will also feature Pastel de Choclo a beef casserole with a basil and corn topping. Our featured waffle is reminiscent of the South American sweet, Confites de Zanahoria made with carrot, carmel and sweet coconut. We will have a summer tomato salad and the favorites too!

Beer + Brunch = Belly Victory!

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The beer brunch returns this Sunday! Each year we salute beer for brunch on Labor Day weekend. Why? Well it goes like this, fourteen years ago I worked at Waterloo Brewing Company along with several friends. My friends and I celebrate those times, football, great beer, damn fine food and each others company in what ranks as a major holiday for most if not all of us. Hell,  we have a pal that flies from New York each year. Thanks Sam!  I wanted to bring some of this to those that enjoy Traveling Bistro each Sunday. So we bring beer to brunch and let it flow throughout the featured items. This week we will  braised beef in Stone Ruination. We will roast mushrooms with a Blue Cheese and Avery White Rascal sauce. We will smoke some pork loin and glaze it with Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock and herbs. Pasta Salad with a sweet and sour dressing made from New Belgium‘s La Folie, anyone? The RockStar of the show will likely be the featured waffle made with Uncle Billy’s Insomniac Coffee Stout. We will have the favorites as usual and Heaven’s Radio will be playing their hillbilly gospel. Hope to see you there.

BBQ’ed Brunch

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Brunch will be barbecued this week. We will combine Carolina Style Pork, Sausage from central Texas and a Chipotle chicken with Mexican roots. Slow and low smoked pork shoulder will be served with both Carolina Red Sauce and Mustard Barbecue Sauce. We will also serve Banana and Walnut Waffles plus all the other favorites. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Sunday Brunch Celebrates the Hatch Green Chile!

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This Sunday we will feature the the most seasonal of chiles the Hatch Green Chile. In a couple weeks these fragrant, delicious green chiles will ripen to red chiles to be dried for great dishes of there own. This month in which they are still green gives us a whole other flavor to enjoy; slightly sweet and full with varying heat depending on the variety. We have some Big Jim’s (the chile on the left up there) and NM 6-4 ( the one on the right). Big Jim’s have a medium heat and the 6-4 are mild. These arrived today straight from farmer Jimmy Lytle at Hatch Chile Express. These chiles we in the field Wednesday morning and here in Austin by Friday. I’ll begin roasting right away. Once these are all roasted they will be ready for this week’s brunch! Check out these featured items. Hope to see you this Sunday 11-2 or till we run out!

Hatch Green Chile Pork Stew
Hatch Green Chile Corn Pudding
Hatch Green Chile Quesadillas
Hatch Green Chile Migas
Hatch Green Chile and Corn Meal Waffle

Brunch Menus for August

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I’m really excited about what we have coming in August for brunch. We start off with a fruity brunch on the 1st which will feature summer fruit inspired dishes. We will also have a celebration of the Hatch Green Chile. We are getting a shipment direct from farmer Jimmy Lytle at Hatch Chile Express. Even though it has been raining and hard to get in the field for harvesting, I was promised “we’ll put on some boots and get them picked just for you”. We will have some of the first Hatch Chiles in Austin; very exciting! Hoping to see all our friends and lots of new faces this month. Also September 5th will be the return of the Beer Brunch, always a hit! Check out our featured items.

August 1st – Fruits of our Summer Brunch

Grilled Pork Loin with Peach Bourbon Glaze
Smoked Chicken Wings with Blueberry BBQ Sauce
Watermelon Salad
Cherry Glazed Carrots
Strawberry Basil Waffle

August 8th

Korean Style BBQ Beef
Coconut Curry Shrimp
Jasmine Rice
Soba Noodle Salad
Orange Ginger Waffle

August 15th – Hatch Chile Celebration

Hatch Green Chile Pork Stew
Hatch Green Chile Corn Pudding
Hatch Green Chile Quesadillas
Hatch Green Chile Migas
Hatch Green Chile and Corn Meal Waffle

August 22nd

Smoked Pulled Pork
All Beef Sausage from New Braunfels, TX
Grilled Chicken with Chipotle Rub
Cole Slaw
Banana Nut Waffle

August 29th

Tarragon Dijon Chicken
Roasted Lamb with White Wine, Lemon and Mint
Buttered Lima Beans
Spinach and Orange Salad
Raspberry and Chocolate Chip Waffle

Sunday Brunch Celebrates the World Cup Final

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This Sunday’s Brunch will feature dishes from our FIFA World Cup Final. The Netherlands verses Spain. So come out to Nomad enjoy some brunch and stay for the game. Nomad has been a great venue to watch the Cup and we hope to enhance your experience with some traditional Spanish and Dutch flavors.

On the Spanish side of the pitch:

Bocadillos de Calamares

Flaming Eggs

Chorizo with Chick Peas

On the Dutch side of the pitch:

Runderlapjes – Seasoned Steak

Dutch Apple Waffle

Rode Kool Salade – Red Cabbage Salad

We will also have Hash Browns, Fresh Fruit and Plain Waffles. Nomad will serve Bottomless Mimosas and drink Special during the game. Doors open at 11 AM!

Founding Fathers’ Brunch

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Fourth of July falls on Sunday this year. This means there will be brunch! Plus the added bonus of it being the first Sunday on the month brings us the Rocking Gospel tunes of Heaven’s Radio. Brunch this week will feature food our founding fathers may have enjoyed as well as New England staples.

Our Featured Items for July the 4th:

Cornmeal and Blueberry Waffles – This waffle recipe is a nod to the traditional Ho Cake with the  addition of  one of New England’s favorite berries!

Smoked Ham

Vermont Cheese Pudding – Cheese, Bread and a creamy sauce baked til bubbly

Boston Baked Beans

Yankee Chicken Hash – Chicken, Sausage and vegetables and breadcrumbs make up this traditional hash.

Don’t forget we will have your favorites that we do each week.

Plain Waffles

Fresh Fruit

Biscuits and Gravy

Hash Browns

Eggs and Omelets made to order

See you Sunday from 11-2 at Nomad Bar

Some Good Stuff for February Brunches!

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Beginning this month Heaven’s Radio Gospel Review will be playing the 1st Sunday of each month. Valentine’s falls on a Sunday this year so bring your main squeeze or squeezes to our special Valentine’s Day brunch. We will have an expanded menu and a special musical guest. Check out the menus below.

Every Sunday includes:

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
Cheesy Potato Bake
Plain Waffles
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Eggs and Omelets “Your way”!

February 7th:
Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce
Stuffed Pork Loin Al Pastor
Black Beans and Rice
Smoked Salmon with Bagel and Cream Cheese
Orange Vanilla Waffles

February 14th:  Bring your Valentines to Brunch!
Chicken Breast with Tarragon and Dijon
Handmade Lamb and Beef Sausage cooked to order
Mushrooms in Red Wine Sauce
Baby Spinach Salad
Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffles

February 21st:
Green Tea Steamed Shrimp
Chicken Stir Fry to order
Veggie Stir Fry to order
Jasmine Rice
Sesame Noodle Salad
Coconut Curry Waffles

February 28th:
Smoked Pulled Pork
All Beef Sausage from New Braunfels, TX
Cole Slaw
Baked Beans
Triple Berry Waffles

January’s Featured Brunch Items!

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They will be on the site soon but I just wanted to share here quickly! We’ll have the favorites too. Cheers!

January 10th
Grilled Chicken w/ Lemon, Mint and Yogurt
Persian Style Beef Stew
Jasmine Rice
Greek Salad
Orange Cardamom Waffles

January 17th
Pork Loin alla Porchetta
Eggs in Purgatory
Chicken Sausage with White Beans and Rosemary
Spinach with Pine Nuts
Apple Walnut Waffles

January 24th
Beef in Whiskey Sauce
Turkey Meatballs in Romesco
Deli Tray
Gumbo z’Herbs
Savory Ham and Scallion Waffle with Maple Dijon Cream

January 31st
Pork Chop with Blueberry BBQ Sauce
Cedar Planked Salmon w/ Lemon Dill Butter
Pesto Pasta Salad
Candied Carrots
Double Chocolate Hazelnut Waffles