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Sunday Brunch Celebrates the Hatch Green Chile!

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This Sunday we will feature the the most seasonal of chiles the Hatch Green Chile. In a couple weeks these fragrant, delicious green chiles will ripen to red chiles to be dried for great dishes of there own. This month in which they are still green gives us a whole other flavor to enjoy; slightly sweet and full with varying heat depending on the variety. We have some Big Jim’s (the chile on the left up there) and NM 6-4 ( the one on the right). Big Jim’s have a medium heat and the 6-4 are mild. These arrived today straight from farmer Jimmy Lytle at Hatch Chile Express. These chiles we in the field Wednesday morning and here in Austin by Friday. I’ll begin roasting right away. Once these are all roasted they will be ready for this week’s brunch! Check out these featured items. Hope to see you this Sunday 11-2 or till we run out!

Hatch Green Chile Pork Stew
Hatch Green Chile Corn Pudding
Hatch Green Chile Quesadillas
Hatch Green Chile Migas
Hatch Green Chile and Corn Meal Waffle


One of the best brunches in Austin? The Daily Texan thinks so!

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Picture 1

Picture 4

From The Daily Texan’s Summer guide! Many Thanks to the DT.

Get your seat at the table now

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Dinner and Drinks!

Traveling Bistro and Nomad Bar

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TB Logo 1images

At some point in the past of the Dreamscape there were two brothers. Both dreams of course. They were dreams of far away places where you enjoy the fruits and pleasures of those lands. Where you enjoy the company of natives and they you. When these dreams decided to leave the place of their birth and join us all here in the real world it was not long before the brothers were united again. One brother, Traveling Bistro the other Nomad Bar. Just the names say it all. One a way station for those who wander but are not lost. The other a connoisseur of the flavors of far flung places. The nomad, the traveler. While many have enjoyed the weekly partnership between the two each Sunday they are bringing a new special event monthly starting in July. Traveling Bistro and Nomad Bar will be pairing dinner and drinks of the regions of the world. Who’s up first? Well France of course! Check out the Menu.

1st Course:

Shrimp and Crab Salad with Fennel Coulis  and Herb Salad

paired with Le Crocodile Viognier

2nd Course:
Grilled Scallion and Roasted Red Pepper Pain Perdu
– A savory French Toast with Tomato Jam and Herb Compound Butter

paired with Chateau Suau Bordeaux Blanc 07

3rd Course:
Grilled Beef Bourguignon
– Medallions of Beef Fillet, Pearl Onions and Mushrooms glazed with Burgundy Sauce

paired with Dom Chanteleuserie Bourgueil “Alouettes” Rouge

4th Course:
Classic Crème brûlée

served with a Sparkling Orchid (a Champagne cocktail with Orange and Vanilla liquor)

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Brunch

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Traveling Bistro and Maker’s Mark is teaming up to bring you a fun and tasty themed brunch. June 28th at Nomad Bar as usual. Special cocktails by Maker’s Mark Ambassador, Adam Harris.  We will have these featured items plus the usual favorites:

Grilled Pork Loin Chops with Maker’s Mark & Mustard Glaze
Sweet Maple & Maker’s Mark Chicken Wings
Loretto Corn Casserole
Bacon and Black Pepper Waffles with Maker’s Mark Apple Syrup